Andy Roberts

I am a labrador owning dad and product guy with a passion for the web and tech. Since creating my first website in 1994, I have spent the intervening years helping companies both big and small with their web based products.

I don't spend much time in code any more, having transitioned to an engineering leadership position. I now take great pleasure in enabling others to deliver market leading solutions and experiences to customers.

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A day in the life of...

I currently live in Stamford in the UK, a picturesque and vibrant town with an abnormally large number of restaurants and cafes – I should know, I’m a frequent visitor to lots of them! I became a dad in 2018 which has been a very distressing event for my black lab, Molly, who no longer gets the amount of attention she used to!

When not out and about I'm a huge music fan and seriously wonder how on Earth I survived before Spotify came along; oh hang on, I remember, I used to have 1000s of CDs! I also appreciate a good movie or TV show, especially in the winter months, meaning I'm a heavy Netflix/Amazon user.

Whilst not being the most sporty, I do enjoy watching a several sports including rugby (I'm Welsh so that probabaly goes without saying), cycling and biathlon. When winter comes around though, I start to stare longingly towards The Alps. I’m a big skier and I try (I've been failing recently) and go at least once a year to what feels like my second home: Val D’Isere – by far and away the best ski area I’ve ever visited.

It's not all fun and games

I have been a web guy ever since stumbling across the then nascent Internet in 1994 during my first year at Loughborough University. I was instantly hooked and I have been involved with the web in some shape or form ever since, having held a number of different roles ranging from a web developer to a UX architect to a product manager.

This range of roles left me with a very broad set of skills and, in 2009, I decided to put them to good use by founding a startup targeting small to medium sized providers in the Equity Release market with a SaaS offering to help shepherd cases from quotation through to completion and servicing.

Due to an ever-shrinking market as a result of consolidation, I took the difficult decision to shutter the business at the end of 2016. Since then I have made a move into engineering leadership positions, a role I really enjoy as it allows me to put all of my skills to good use and enable others to succeed.

Out and about

I may not be the world's best photographer, but I do like to snap the odd photo when I'm out and about and they usually find their way on to Instagram.

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Molly dog

It's not just me with an Instrgram account. Molly, my black lab, is also on Instagram. I initially created it to work on my photography skills, but it's outlived that little experiment and I regularly post snaps of Molly.

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Stay tuned

The creation of this website marks the consolidation of several of my projects into one and I will shortly be adding a blog and maybe an open source project or two, although between my daughter and the dog I don't have much spare time these days!